Sunday, September 6, 2009


Shh~ if there's one thing i know, is that while others may have skeletons in their closets, every shopaholic has a secret closet full of clothes.

Unfortunately, I'm no exception to this rule.
I'm yet another victim of impulse purchases (oh, aren't we all?) =D
Thus, most of my clothes are either brand new or have only been worn once n then tossed aside in the dark corners of my closet.
I know these clothes deserves a better owner, so if you think you'll like to take these clothes out to have some fun and bask in the sun, do hollerr! I won't bite, i promiseee. =)

So, by now, i guess u already know a little bit more about me.
And here is where i'll unveil the secrets in my closet =)

For the lazy days.

Blue Checkered Corset Vest

Checkered. Corset vest. Blue. Need i say more? =D
Just throw on this corset vest over any casual plain top to change it from blah to chic!

Condition: Brand new
Price: RM 25
Material: Cotton
. 3 functional buttons
. 2 faux pockets at the sides
. smocked back for a better fit

Slouchy Off Shoulder Top in black.

Slouchy off shouldered top with a BIG heart...
for those lazy days ahead where you just wanna kick back and relax- and who says you can't kick back in style?

Condition: Brand new
Price: RM30
Material: Cotton

Green Off Shoulder Top.

Green off shouldered top.
Casual yet sexy- flaunt those shoulders!

Condition: Brand new
Price: RM 30
Material: Cotton
. Stretchable at the shoulders

Red Checkered Bf Shirt. (Reserved)

Bf shirts are lovee. And in this gorgeous shade of colour? Its almost criminal.
Reason for selling this then you might ask? I've got two of these..the.exact.same.ones. Crazy, i know..but emm.. I did mention i'm a hopeless shopaholic right? *small voice* ><". So yeah, reluctantly decided i can't afford to bring both along with me =/. letting this one go which i'd only worn once ever..its still very new. =)
Condition: Mint condition
Price: RM 25
Material: Cotton
Descriptions: . 2 functional pockets on top
. Sleeves could be folded n hooked up as shown in picture
. The sides at the bottom could also be hooked up

Green Checkered Leggings.

Dark green checkered leggings. LOVEEE! (too bad i can't fit into it =/) but lucky you? =D
For the fashionista on days when you're on the run- just throw on a long plain tee over the leggings, slip on a pair of heels and you're good to go! =)

Condition: Brand new
Price: RM 25
Material: Thick cotton/Jeans-like.
. Stretchable waist band.
.Stretchable leggings- but advisable for sizes S to a small M.

*Thats all for now! There will be more to come! wait for it alright, its gonna be legenn...wait for ittt...dary! (too much howimetyourmother *sheepish grin*)